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The PlayStation VR2 Headset will soon be here, and it’s kind of a big deal

With Native Broadcasting, integrated live streaming technology, cinematic mode and 1080p HDR visuals, the new PlayStation 5 VR2’s set to be the ONLY headset you will ever need, a true rival to Metas Oculus Quest 2.

After the long-awaited unveiling of the VR2 back in June 2022, Sony Playstation has given their wanting fans a closer look into some of the benefits and highly anticipated features.

The blog post outlined the more gritty details we can expect upon the release of the PS VR2 headset.

Live Streaming

The call of Twitch is alluring to the modern-day gamer; after all, the opportunity to broadcast yourself and showcase your gaming talents offers ample opportunity to become the face of gaming of the future (you know if Ninja ever retires!).

The VR2 headset will come with full camera integration, allowing you to live stream to your twitch (or youtube) account using the Playstation 5’s camera.

This is revolutionary in its own right, as the current high-end model, the Oculus quest 2, may allow you to live stream. However, you need a live streaming pc – cables and some technical knowledge to get by. Still, the new VR2 headset promises a quicker, more straightforward, streamlined performance, with no wires or additional PCs.

As one would expect from the VR headset of the future, the device will allow for transparent viewing, meaning you can see the world around you without the need to remove the headset. In addition, optimizing the front-end cameras will enable you to set the play area and restrict your movement, ensuring a ‘safe zone for you and your home!

This room scan is part of the PlayStation VR2’s updated features; this feature rivals the Oculus; however, Playstion promises a slicker quality than the Oculus with innovative scan technology that does all the hard work for you.

The screen comes 4k ready, but a feature that allows for full-blown emersion is the fully optimized cinematic mode.

While the drop in resolution takes you back in time to 1080p, the support frame rate is optimized to HDR at a rate of 120Hz, meaning crisp, fluid motion that doesn’t deter from the immersive aspect of cinematic gameplay. So chances are the drop in quality will be less than noticeable, but still, something to keep in mind if you’re looking to make cinematic streaming a thing!

This is just the beginning of the multiple features expected from the PlayStation VR2, but from the current release, we can see that PlayStation is making steps in the right direction. And whilst no release date has yet to be announced, we can’t help but think it will be later this year – potentially early 2023 at the very latest; after all, if you’re making a headset to rival a current released VR headset, the sooner a release, the better.

While this iteration of VR headsets is yet to be finished, with more updates promised in the future, we can’t wait to try out the current version as is for ourselves.

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