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Nike to Debut the Luka 2 in July

Luka Doncic possesses a unique basketball style, always maintaining control, easily creating space from his opponents, and showing a vision for the game that allows him to anticipate plays. In an effort to innovate his signature shoe, the Luka 2, the Jordan design team has studied his game closely. The design of the Luka 2 is a result of a deep collaboration with Jordan Brand, aimed at meeting not only Doncic’s needs, but also those of the next generation.

The shoe’s design process centered on understanding Doncic’s ability to strategically move and create space on the court. The aim was to amplify those skills and assist in creating space through the shoe’s technology. Designed with Doncic’s signature step-back move in mind, the shoe represents his playing style effectively.

For enabling Doncic to carve out more court space, the designers have enhanced the fusion of two exclusive Jordan innovations – full-length Formula 23 and the IsoPlate. Together with a medial Cushlon 3.0 foam wedge, these features are designed to maintain the foot’s correct banking angle, assisting the player in effectively pushing off their forefoot.

The shoe’s midsole is a composition of four parts. Directly under the foot rests the Formula 23 foam, encased in a firm foam carrier. On the medial side, a soft foam wedge is used to slightly sink the foot to the right angle for effective court push-offs. Lastly, the upgraded IsoPlate raises the lateral sidewall against the carrier foam to maintain balance during lateral direction changes.

The Luka 2, releasing in the Luk.AI colorway, will be available on July 5 for select Nike Members worldwide, and from July 11 at and selected retailers.

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