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Air Jordan 38 Drops August 18th

The Air Jordan XXXVIII showcases the innovative X-Plate, a plate technology inspired by Michael Jordan’s unmatched footwork finesse. This X-Plate design, reminiscent of the straps on the Air Jordan VIII, is combined with a radial herringbone traction design and a comprehensive Zoom Strobel component.

The shoe’s upper boasts a distinctive backless embroidery and serves as a canvas to commemorate Michael Jordan’s outstanding performance during the 1993 championship series.

Significantly, the Air Jordan XXXVIII stands as the pinnacle of sustainability in the Air Jordan signature lineup, containing a minimum of 20% recycled material by weight.

Deep Dive:

The Air Jordan signature series is not merely a celebrated footwear lineage in basketball; it symbolizes the avant-garde of innovation, catering to the future basketball maestro. The Air Jordan XXXVIII epitomizes this evolution, presenting a plate technology derived from the nuances of Michael Jordan’s legendary footwork, capturing the essence of his signature fadeaway jumper.

Crafted for precision in footwork, this shoe ensures a close ground contact, facilitating players during pivotal movements, cuts, and defensive maneuvers. The novel X-Plate ensures foot stability, especially during quick actions, referencing the iconic straps of the Air Jordan VIII. It collaborates with the radial herringbone traction pattern, complemented by the full-length Zoom Strobel unit and Cushlon 3.0 foam, to deliver the optimal cushioning response. The shoe’s outrigger plays a pivotal role in foot security during side-to-side movements. This X-Plate furthers Jordan’s legacy of pioneering plate technologies, succeeding previous designs like the Flight Plate, Eclipse Plate, and IsoPlate.

The innovative backless embroidery over the shoe’s front portion ensures foot stability. This embroidered surface not only emphasizes Michael Jordan’s feats during the 1993 championship, where his averages soared at nearly 41 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists with a 50% field goal rate, but also integrates design elements symbolizing these accomplishments. The collar boasts 41 crosshatches, reflecting Jordan’s scoring average, while three diamonds on the inner side celebrate Chicago’s third consecutive championship win.

Overall, the Air Jordan XXXVIII emerges as the most eco-conscious signature shoe in the Air Jordan series, being comprised of at least 20% recycled material.

Anticipate the Air Jordan XXXVIII’s debut in the Fundamental colorway on August 18, available on and selected global outlets.



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