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induce Spotlight: Archibald Slim

Meet one unique soul making his mark in the local Hip-Hop landscape. Archibald Slim is the latest rapper from Atlanta, Georgia making a name for himself. His career includes several solo projects, including the album “Fell Asleep Praying” which was released in 2021. His music is known for its dark, introspective lyrics and experimental production. Archibald Slim has been described as a “unique voice” in the rap scene, and his style has been compared to that of artists such as Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar. He has been praised for his ability to blend elements of hip-hop, R&B, and punk rock to create a sound that is both experimental and accessible.

Born in North Carolina to a military family, Slim  lived in Germany for a short time, later relocating to Maryland and then Hinesville, Georgia where his dad was stationed. His father listen to Hip-Hop and was big into Tupac. Slim got into the local artist scene in ATL,  like artists Ludacris and Pastor Troy. While at Georgia State University, he picked up the mic and started writing rhymes, later purchasing a MPC and started making beats as well. This is where he met Father, the founder of Awful Records.

After the label disbanded, Slim moved around from Atlanta to L.A and a few places in between. He finally dropped Fell Asleep Praying in 2021, his first record in five years. His latest release Worldly Ways dropped this past October and is turning heads among those who respect his lyrics and unique flow. Check out the single: “Shrimp & Oysters” here on inducewear:

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