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induce Spotlight: Grey Matter

Real Hip-Hop has a pulse but not like it used to, but thanks to these guys, It sure to stay ticking for a while. This is Grey Matter. Three cats who have nothing but love and a gift for making good music. The group is made up of three members; DJ Buddha Fingers on the ones and twos, Hype Man JG, and the ultra-wise Kilo Art-of-Fact. Fueled by a passion for great Hip-Hop and energetic fans, Grey Matter is making a mark in music history.
The group formed in 2012 as the trio came together under the leadership of Kilo. Much of the lyrical content is centered around his struggle to gain stability and peace of mind as a Chilean refugee in a new world, leaving listeners with a insightful bond and connection like no other. In addition, the trio stay true to the style reminiscent of golden age Hip-Hop, reminding everyone what made this art form famous to begin with. Check out the single "The BPM" guaranteed to make you hooked:

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