jillfreedmanthree copyIn life, what is it that you see? Truth or reality? but which is fact, and what is fiction? What is good and what is evil. Everything is grey. Beneath the surplus of rubble & waste lies one magical entity…induce! induce Clothing was created to guide mankind into the future, eliminating tasteless lifeforms and opening a clear path for love and greatness!!! For every polar opposite that exists, there is a exact midpoint where life is grey and time stands still, that is where you will find the pulse of inducewear, welcome to the experience!!

We like to concentrate on the essentials of basic fashion; graphic tees, beanies, hoodies, socks, caps and modern accessories for everyday life. Our signature mark is loud and attention-grabbing, don’t wear our gear unless you want to been seen. streetwear, graphic tees, beaniesWe also operate on the pulse of fashion past, present and future, so our streetwear and fashion blog is where is it is at. Not to mention the outer culture shaping fashion like music and the other arts. Some may find us offensive, but we broadcast on the frequency of reality, so it comes with the territory.

We are basically the voice of the street, thrills and chills that is completely unadulterated. Whether that means rude or avant garde is up to the beholder. We make fashion statements, literally, and hope you will become one of our messengers. Its more than clothing, its an attitude toward life. Bold, daring and uncensored without a lack of words.